The Economics of Beer and Brewing

Special Issue for the German Journal of Agricultural Economics

​Volume 61 (2012), Number 4

The Economics of Beer
Edited by Johan F.M. Swinnen
ISBN: 978-0-19-969380-1

Beer has been consumed across the globe for centuries and was the drink of choice in many ancient societies. Today it is the most important alcoholic drink worldwide, in terms of volume and value. The largest brewing companies have developed into global multinationals, and the beer market has enjoyed strong growth in emerging economies, but there has been a substantial decline of beer consumption in traditional markets and a shift to new products. There is close interaction between governments and markets in the beer industry. For centuries, taxes on beer or its raw materials have been a major source of tax revenue and governments have regulated the beer industry for reasons related to quality, health, and competition. 

Working Papers

The Global Brewery Industry: Markets, Strategies, and Rivalries
Edited by Jens Gammelgaard and Christoph Dörrenbächer
ISBN: 978-1-78-100634-4

The book explores some of the key topics of international business through the context of a global industry, focusing on the challenges brewery companies face as they operate in globalized markets. Drawing on a range of perspectives, the contributing authors examine six overarching themes: international market developments and firm performance; host country institutional effects; multi-point competition and rivalries; cross-border M&A integration and subsidiary development; leadership and internationalization; and boundless customer interfaces through such elements as social media and tourism.

A selection of working papers featuring contributors from the Beeronomics community (available soon)

The Beeronomics Society actively promotes and facilitates research and investigations focusing on beer and brewing. Many of these research and investigations originate from events organized by the Society, while others are developed by Members  in their respective institutions and workplaces. Below is a list of published works which includes contributions and contributors from the Beeronomics community. 


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Special Issue for the Journal of Wine Economics

Volume 6 (2011), Number 2

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Brewing, Beer and Pubs: A Global Perspective
Edited by Ignazio Cabras, David Higgins, and David Preece
ISBN: 978-1-13-746618-1

The production of beer today occurs within a bifurcated industrial structure. There exists a small number of large, global conglomerates supplying huge volumes of a limited range of beers, and a plethora of small and medium breweries producing a diverse range of beers sold under unique brands. This book addresses a range of contemporary issues and challenges in this key sector of the global economy, and includes contributions by research specialists from a variety of countries and disciplines. Alongside several global topics, more localised themes are presented such as market integration in the Chinese beer and wine markets, beer and brewing in Africa and South America, and turbulence and change in the UK public house industry, which demonstrate how the consumption of beer in pubs and other social environments make the beer industry integral to local communities and regions worldwide.