[November]      New book on addressing craft beer movements worldwide
A new book exploring and examining the craft beer movements worldwide is now available. Edited by Christian Garavaglia and Johan Swinnen, and entitled 'Economic Perspectives on Craft Beer: a Revolution in the Global Beer Industry', the book focuses on the growth and expansion of the craft beer movement worldwide. More information available here.

[August]          Beer themed issue for Choices 
A beer-themed issue has been published by Choices, the magazine of food, farms and resource use which is the principal outreach vehicle of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA). Choices is a free, online-only publication; the issue is now available at this link

[June]             Location of the next Beeronomics Conference announced
The city of Plzen, in Czech Republic, has been announced as the place hosting the VI Beeronomics Conference in 2019. Plzen is the homeplace of Pilsner Urquell, the world's first-ever pilsner type blond lager.More information to come.

[May]               BEER Section organised within the AAEA 2017 (July 30th - August 1st)
For those of you planning on attending the Agriculture & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting in Chicago (United States) this summer, there is the opportunity to attend a section organised by our BEER Committee chaired by Michael McCullough. More information about this event is available here.​

[March]           V Beeronomics Conference: preliminary programme now available!
The Scientific Committee  of the next Beeronomics Conference, scheduled in Copenhagen (Denmark) on 12-15 June 2017, has released the preliminary conference programme. More information about the event can be found on the Beeronomics 2017 website.

[February]       A new book on craft beer is brewing!
A new book, edited by Christian Garavaglia and Johan Swinnen, is now arrived at its final revision stage. The book, entitled 'Economic Perspectives on Craft Beer: a Revolution in the Global Beer Industry', focuses on the growth and expansion of the craft beer movement worldwide. More information about its official release will be available on our website soon!


[November]       PhD Workshop at the next Beeronomics Conference: up to five conference bursaries available!
The Steering Committee  of the V Beeronomics Conference has launched a Call for Papers dedicated to PhD and Doctoral students working on the economics of beer and brewing. Students who are interested should send a proposal no later than March 1, 2017 to beeronomics2017@econ.au.dk. The Scientific Committee will select the best proposals, which will be awarded with full cover expenses for travel, accommodation and conference fees (up to a maximum of five students). More information about this initiative can be found on the Beeronomics 2017 website.

[September]       The History of the Beer and Brewing Industry: now available
A new book which explores and examines the history of the beer and brewing industry has now been published. Edited by Ignazio Cabras and David Higgins, and published by Routledge, the volume includes a number of chapters and contributions written by members of our Society. More information can be found in our publications section.

​[July]                 First meeting of the BEER Section in Boston (United States)
The first meeting of the BEER Section of the Agricultural and Applied Economists Association (AAEA) was held in Boston on 30 July.  This sponsored session saw the participation of brewers Rob North (Great North Aleworks) and Bryan Greenhagen (Mystic Brewing). Debates generated during the session were very insightful and provided an interesting platform for future research projects. A tour of selected Boston breweries was organised for delegates at the end of the session. 

[June]                Brewing, Beer and Pubs: Official Book Launch at York (United Kingdom) on Friday 15 July 2016!
The editors of 'Brewing, Beer and Pubs: A Global Perspective' are presenting their book in a free-access event which will include a public debate led by three outstanding guest speakers: Professor Charles Bamforth (President - Institute of Brewing & Distilling), Mike Benner (Managing Director - Society of Independent Brewers) and Greg Mulholland MP (Chairman - All Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group). Details of the event are available by clicking here:

[April]                Call for Papers: V Beeronomics Conference in Copenhagen (Denmark)
The next Beeronomics Conference,  the fifth of the series, will take place on 12-15 June 2017. The conference, will be organised jointly by Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) at Aarhus University. A call for papers is out already, more information about submission deadline and the overall event are available on the Beeronomics 2017 website.

[March]               Fresh data and figures on the state of the beer industry in Europe and the United Kingdom
New reports have been released this month from two major organisations, the Brewers of Europe (which brings together national brewers’ associations from 29 European countries) and the Society of Independent Brewers (which represents nearly 900 breweries in the United Kingdom). Links to the reports are available here: EoI and SIBA.

[January]            New book on the history of the beer and brewing industry
Routledge is due to publish a book which will explore and examine the history of the beer and brewing industry at a global level. Edited by Ignazio Cabras and David Higgins, the book should be published during Summer 2016. More information can be found here.

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