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Beeronomics Conferences and Events

The Beeronomics Society organizes academic and scientific events on regular basis. The objective of these events is to provide an ideal forum for high-quality interdisciplinary research related to beer and brewing activities. Research and studies presented in these occasions cover a number of topics from the field of economics, law, policy, marketing and consumption, industrial organisations, innovation management, health and well-being and others.

Participation and attendance to any event organized by the Society is open to Members and non-Members. All the events organized so far have attracted participants from a wide range of academic disciplines and scientific fields, other than pratictioners operating within the beer and brewing industry, and policymakers from different colors and backgrounds. 

The most important event organized by the Society is the Beeronomics Conference, which takes place every two years and it is usually host and facilitated by an academic institution. In addition, the Society organizes periodical dedicated Symposiums and Sessions usually attached to major conferences delivered by other organizations.

The first Beeronomics Conference was held in Leuven (Belgium) in 2009. It was organized by the Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance (LICOS) at the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, and chaired by Professor Swinnen. Following Conferences were organized by the Technische Universitat Munchen in Freising (Germany); by the York Management School at the University of York (United Kingdom); and by the Washington State University in Seattle (United States).  The geographical spread of these events indicates the genuine global vocation of the Society.

A complete list of all the Beeronomics events since 2009 is provided below (most recent events first):


VI Beeronomics Conference - Plzen (Czech Republic)


Beeronomics Symposium (AARES Conference) - Adelaide (Australia)

V Beeronomics Conference - Copenhagen (Denmark)

BEER Section (AAEA Conference) - Chigago (Illinois, USA)


BEER Section (AAEA Conference) - Boston (Massachusetts, USA)


IV Beeronomics Conference - Seattle (Washington, USA) 

Beeronomics Session (ICAE Conference) - Milan (Italy)


III Beeronomics Conference - York (United Kingdom)


Beeronomics Symposium - Davis (California, USA)
II Beeronomics Conference - Freising (Germany)

Beeronomics Session (AAWE Conference) - Davis (California, USA)

​I Beeronomics Conference - Leuven (Belgium)