Welcome to the Beeronomics Society, an international non-profit association of scholars and professionals analyzing the economics of beer and brewing. The Society is dedicated to exchanging ideas, and encouraging and communicating economic research and analyses on these topics. Its principal activities and objectives include organizing, coordinating, disseminating circulating studies and other relevant information on the economics of beer and brewing worldwide.

The Beeronomics Society aims to provide a platform for academics, practitioners and researchers investigating trends and driving forces in the production, consumption and distribution of beer at a regional, national and global level. It actively promotes multidisciplinary research and analysis in a wide range of beer-related fields.  Members of the Society work and publish in a variety of topics, including trends and driving forces governing beer demand and supply (e.g. new markets, transportation systems and technological developments); globalization processes affecting the international beer market (e.g. mergers and acquisitions, macroeconomics and exchange rate costs); mechanisms affecting the markets for inputs (e.g. malting barley and hops); aspects related to beer advertising, marketing, and brand management; issues associated with beer pricing strategies, price transmission and supply chain management; and challenges related to sustainability within the industry in different countries.

More recent research conducted by Members investigated the relationship between beer consumption and health; the determinants of individual beer choice; the impact of advertising and brands on consumers’ purchasing decisions and willingness to pay; policies and regulations governing beer and brewing in different regions (e.g. competition rules and franchise regulations); the effects related to taxes/subsidies and regulation of beer availability; the effort made by the industry in terms of influencing consumers' responsible drinking; the impact of beer on societies and cultures; and the importance of beer as a facilitator for community cohesion and social engagement.

The Society organizes and support periodical events with the scope to develop and disseminate economic research on beer-related themes. Members of the Society are actively engaged with local and national organisations and brewing industry representatives in their respective countries.

The Beeronomics Society is administered by an Executive Committee formed by high-profile scientists and academics based in different institutions. The Committee is chaired by Professor Jo Swinnen (President) and includes a Secretary-Treasurer (Professor Klaus Salhofer) and a Communication Manager (Professor Ignazio Cabras).


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